Schedule 6-week, 2-hour classes specialized for your group of kiddos!
You provide the space and the students.
We provide the teacher and materials.

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Fling, Scrape, Drip: Abstract Painting for Creative Kids
Have fun playing with art supplies to create paintings and learn a foundation you can build on for years to come. In this class we will look at the world around us, but we will make unique images. We will look at still life, landscape, and portrait to help us learn about color, paint handling, and design. Use brushes and palette knives as well as unconventional tools to move paint around. Learn about famous artists. Use your eyes, hands, & imagination. Most importantly have fun!

Recycle Art Jewelry Create one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, glasses chains, and key chains. Use #6 plastic from to-go containers to create unique charms. Reuse decorative papers to twist beautiful patterned beads. Combine with prefab beads, broken jewelry, and findings to complete your personalized accessories. Each week learn a new technique to add to your toolbox so that you can make and wear all  of your beautiful designs,

Paper and Book Arts

Learn how to turn scrap paper, junk mail, and hand-outs into new beautiful art paper, and then learn 2 different book making techniques. Finish the class with at least 2 handmade books.




Schedule one-time 2-hour classes specialized for your group of kiddos!
You provide the space and the students.
We provide the teacher and materials.

Email to schedule: EEArtEd @ gmail . com

Wassily Kandinsky: Circles
Use paint, fabric, paper, and mixed media to take Kandinsky’s circles to the next level. Learn about color and shape as you experiment with different techniques inside a familiar design.

Paul Klee: Cityscapes
Use collage and watercolor to create your very own geometric city-scape. Learn sensitive color mixing with paint on paper. Cut out shapes and build your skyline.

Paul Klee: Cats
Use paint, pastels and collage to create a kitty cat with a bird on its head. Use Paul Klee’s cat and bird as inspiration. Practice color mixing and experiment with color combinations and textures.

Gustav Klimt: Trees of Life
Inspired by the gold leaf encrusted masterwork of Gustav Klimt, students will use metallic paint, oil pastels and collaged papers to create a beautiful and unique Tree of Life. Mixing one of Klimt’s subjects of his early work with decadent and colorful details of Klimt’s later style, and let your unique inner lifeforce sparkle forth onto the page.

Henri Matisse: Fauve Portraits and Landscapes
Do people tell you that the sky is blue, the grass is green, and skin is peach and brown? Well the French artists, known as the Fauves, or Wild Beasts, say NO WAY! You pick the colors. Green noses, purple grass, blue cats are all allowed! Practice drawing skills then have fun and get silly with arbitrary color.

Pablo Picasso: 3d Collage Faces
This workshop requires out of box thinking while making faces. We will paint, cut ,and collage papers to create a series of funky portraits. Bring lots of imagination and let the faces appear. Learn how to achieve dimension with relief elements and shading.